Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can you buy way your into the Kingdom of Heaven?

You can't buy your way into the kingdom of heaven. Unless, of course, your talking about the new theme park "Kingdom of Heaven" started by our own ward member, Kit Arteburger.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a new "spiritual themed" theme park. Get it? Spiritual is the theme of this theme park. Before you ride Noah's Ark (my favorite ride) you must first go to the barn and bring back two chickens or two pigs, or two of whatever animal you can gather in the barn. That'll teach you to disobey God's word! And the ride "Joseph Smith's Beard" isn't so much of a ride as it is a fun quiz game where you must root out fact from fiction and the subject is church history. Did Brigham Young have a third nipple? That's for you to decide when you visit "Joseph Smith's Beard".

Opens this Fall!

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Jennifer McAllister said...

Our family went to this theme park for Family Night one time, and we weren't disappointed. Our favorite ride was the submarine boat ride called The Jaredite's Voyage.

P.S. If you show them your temple recommend at the front gate you get 10% off the regular price of admission.