Sunday, September 07, 2008

Incentive program

Call me crazy, but I don't think there's anything wrong with our young missionaries giving their investigators an extra incentive for joining the church. I mean, what's wrong with letting them know that if they get baptized by next week, they'll throw in a delightful spa package for both the investigator and her husband valued at $550 and if they get baptized two weeks after that, they still get a prize, but instead of the spa treatment, it's a Cherie Call CD. If Cherie Call can't get them to join the church, I don't know what will. (Well, the spirit).

Cherie Call has a CD called Heart Made of Wind. Take that, gentiles.


Mel said...

Make it so they don't get the spa package unless they stay in the church for a year. Retention is harder than baptism, after all.

You could give away "Member for 10 years" plaques and stuff.

That's "plaques," not "plagues."

Anonymous said...

The Sisters here had some kind of insentive program they were using. Something to do with Bro.Johnson, baby oil and a kiddie pool. They were quite sucessful until Sis. Placket got transfered.