Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I have so much humility

As many of you know, while I don't technically feel like I'm better than you, I do feel like I excel, in many areas, more than most people. I'm very good with home financing, for example. I'm very frugal, but not cheap. I do enjoy an expensive meal at the Olive Garden from time to time, but I can also enjoy myself at Del Taco. I don't brag, but I do feel comfortable talking about how I can most likely beat you in Scrabble or Badminton.

Is that wrong? No. Because I talk about it as a way of getting you to be a better person. It's all in the reason why I do it. If I was doing it to vaunt myself above you or for gloating purposes, then yes, it would be wrong.

But I learned at an early age that it's so much more helpful to talk about your superiority with humility. And I'm very good at it. It's just another one of my skills. Did I develop this skill overnight? I did not. I developed it over three nights after attending a seminar 20 years ago called "Humility: Good, but other skills are way better".


Brent Festige said...

That sounds like a made-up seminar. Are you sure it wasn't a webinar? Or some sort of conference call? Speaking of calls...please ask Bro. Samuelson to post more podcasts of Sunday afternoon phone calls.

Bart said...


I really enjoyed your post and am more humble because of it. Sharing your personal experiences has made me a better person.

I also realized that the greatness and humility seem to go hand in hand. People who are bad at many things cannot be humble, because they merely tell the truth about how much they actually stink.

If they confess their inferiority in attempts to appear humble they are actually being arrogant, and the scriptures are clear on the wrongness of their hypocrisy.

As a superior person, you can look down on the little people and gain perspective on how the heavens view us.

Thanks again for the inspired words.

Anonymous said...

What is this blog? Sounds a little weird to me!

becky said...

that's probably because you have no sense of humor