Friday, January 09, 2009

38th Most Popular Sin This Week

Sponsoring two events at Peeping Tom Day.


Brittany Iverson said...

This highly inappropriate and a false representation of the Mormon church. I know this is funny in your mind but you are mocking and making light of others religions. If anyone reading this blog would like accurate information on the LDS church you can go to

Bishop Higgins said...

Thank you for directing people to Except, unnecessary, as I have already listed it in my links section. You may have missed that while you were instead thinking of all the compliments you had for this blog.

In addition to the link to, we also have links to the Hill Cumorah pageant, the website of beloved LDS song writer Marvin Payne and Cherie Call as well as a link where you can download a PDF of the most recent version of the Liahona Magazine. We don't all speak English, after all. Many other helpful links are listed. Some are spiritual in nature, some are just really neat.

Thank you for visiting the blog. We look forward to continue to provide you with valuable content to enrich your life. With so many terrible sites on the internet, with all the pornography and sites about Ashton Kutcher, we're pleased to be able to have this site as refuge from the world.

maybemaybenot said...

Welcome Brittany,

Your kids are beautiful!!!

Never mind Bishop Higgins, he's a little tired lately with all of those "interviews". But he'll be back in full swing come tithing settlement time.