Monday, January 19, 2009

Ward Callings

We have been busy this past week with a bevy of new ward callings. Here is a list of some of the callings that took place this week.

  • Ward blacksmith - Ric Wyman
  • Committee chairman on the committee to form committees - Karen Kerby
  • Ward horse trainer - Piper Nichols
  • Ward VHS to DVD specialist - Will Bryson
  • Ward fact checker - Kathleen Lentz
  • Ward attorney general - Brad Anderson
  • Ward butter churner - Tyler Leavitt


Sister Pool, Ward DVD to VHS Specialist said...

Does this mean I'm being released as the Ward DVD to VHS specialist?

Anonymous said...

Will I have to take another drug test for this calling? Just give me a few days notice.
Sister Kerby

Anonymous said...

I think Sister Pool should be called to VHS to Beta specialist.

Brad Anderson said...

Am I in your ward?

Brad Anderson