Friday, January 23, 2009

That would sure be hilarious

You know how on Fast Sunday you refrain from eating or drinking for 24 hours? Wouldn't it be funny if you also refrained from going the bathroom for that same time period? Whew! Talk about breaking your fast.


shel7by said...


Sorry to not set up PPI to ask you this, but would it be frowned upon for me to just type "HA HA HA HA HA" every day? IS that vain repetitions? What if I'm truly sincere? DO I just switch it up a little, like one day type "Ho ha heeeeeeeee!"?

Sister Stroud

Jillian said...

You mean we weren't supposed to do that all along? I have been misinformed.

I knew those snickering missionaries were suspect.

Anonymous said...

If that's the case, I'm making my husband break his fast at the Exxon station down the street.
Sis. Kerby

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what the schedule will be for Sunday? I'm assuming we will be having our annual Super Bowl tailgate party in the parking lot following Sacrament Meeting. I just checked with Dale Gooding about the big screen TV. Apparently his ex-wife now owns that so we will have to make other arrangements. If you could still make some of your famous home made "rootbeer" that would be great.