Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get To Know Your Ward Members

This week's profile: Brother Phil Tuffin

Many years ago Brother Phil Tuffin became Wisconsin's youngest senator with the following slogan:
Won't take no guffin
He keeps on puffin
Favorite food: oatmeal biscuits

It's hard to believe that such a slogan would do anyone any good at all, and yet, there you go: Senator. Then, in 1967, he moved to Utah so he could be closer to the Pacific ocean. He didn't want to be too close. Just closer than where he was in Wisconsin.

It was while living in Utah that he first met the Mormon missionaries. Unfortunately, they were a very disobedient pair of missionaries running an illegal dog track and betting operation. So the next time brother Puffin met the missionaries five years later, he was very suspicious. (He had lost over $7,000 betting on a dog name Prince Giggles). But the third time he met the missionaries he was prepared to hear their message of love and peace and life after death, whether or not that was death by natural causes, gunfire, or from a shark attack.

Since that time, Brother Tuffin has served in so many ward callings it's hard to count them all. But I did anyway, and the number is 37. Currently he is serving as ward concierge. Whenever four or more of the members of our ward want to go to the Olive Garden together, Brother Tuffin will call and get them a reservation.

Bless you, Brother Tuffin.


derek w. said...

It's spelled "concierge"

Molly Mormon said...

We need a ward concierge in our ward! We only have a ward greeter, but I think the recently released her because of the smell factor.

Heywood Jadewme said...

Last time he called in a reservation for us he left it under the name Phillip McKrevis. And everyone laughed real hard when they called our table because they know that's not really my name.

That was a good one Brother Tuffin!

Bishop Higgins said...

Thanks Derick! (Notice how I spelled your name wrong. I'm terrible at spelling but grateful to be corrected).

Micah said...

Can you give me Bro. Tuffin's email or phone number? My b-day is this month and we'll be needing reservations for four at the Olive Garden. Thanks Bishop!

slackyhacky said...

holy crap this was funny. Still laughing......