Monday, January 05, 2009

Some things we can be thankful for

Sometimes we forget how blessed we are and so I thought I'd just mention a few things that many of us can be thankful for. Feel free to use any of these in your next prayer:

1 - We can be thankful we don't live in Ogden.
2 - We can be thankful that our name isn't Buck, or worse, Bucky.
3 - We can be thankful killer bees are just something the liberals made up to scare us into recycling.
4 - We can be thankful we aren't living in a house with a constant propane leak.
5 - We can be thankful that our wives can cross-stitch.
6 - We can be thankful we subscribe to the Ensign and that it's so affordable, even for poor people.
7 - We can be thankful no one in our ward has to drive a Dodge Omni.
8 - We can be thankful most cell phone plans, now, have the option for unlimited texting. (The pioneers never had this option).
9 - We can be thankful sharks are unable to go on land or to the mall.
10 - We can be thankful that we've put all the Christmas stuff away.


eped said...

:) amen. these are great. thanks.

also: we can be thankful for moisture, moist brownies and tender mercies.

Just Me said...

Just a couple of things, Bishop. Though you are always inspiring to me, I must disagree with you on two points.
1: Sharks DO go to the mall. I heard once that my friend's sister's ex-husband's grandma's cousin's friend's nephew's teacher's great-grandpa's dog got attacked by a shark at a mall. So it must be true.

2: Who said anything about taking the Christmas decorations down? I keep them up ALL year so that I can always remember the true meaning of Christmas while I'm figuring out what bikini to wear to the beach in July. Wait... not bikini.... I meant modest one-piece with long shorts and a t-shirt over it. Yah, that's what I meant....

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful I was never married to Brigham Young. At least not yet.

Bucky Dodge said...

And what is wrong with living in Ogden?

Anonymous said...

I heard that story as well..... about the shark being in the mall

Mister Wiggles said...

I heard that story about the shark too. You forgot the best part though, when the dog was revived by a mysterious veterinary technician who just happened to be there when the attack happened. I bet it was one of the three Nephites.

JulieAnn said...

Good morning Bishop! Short-time reader, first time commentor. (I was inspired to read your site and I am so grateful.)

Respectfully, Bishop, people who live in Ogden aren't really that bad. I live here now, so it must be so. Our ward is awesome! And we didn't just get the Albertson's plastic cookies when we moved in--they were from a box that you had to make them yourself. And thats weird because that's always been the litmus test for me about wards. If you get good cookies: good ward; if you get plastic cookies--well I don't want to be negative.

Ogden is a pretty darn fine place to live and if you ever come and visit, just remember that.

Yours in faith