Monday, July 30, 2007

Get to know your ward members

This week's profile is Brother Phillip Gully.

Phillip Gully
hasn't always been without an arm. He was born with two, just like many of us. It was during World War II when he lost it. He was out picking apples, intending to send them to his older brother, a soldier, fighting in Germany. That's when little Phillip lost his balance, fell off the ladder, and broke his arm.

His mother was unable to deliver him to the only doctor the town had, because a week earlier she accused the doctor of giving her headaches on purpose. Incessant arguing caused the doctor to throw Phillip's mother out of the office and insisted she never return. When Phillip broke his arm, his mother said she would do all she could to fix it herself. Soaking it in salt water just wasn't enough. The arm became infected, swollen, and eventually fell off all together.

But none of that stopped Phillip from becoming a tennis champion, fly fisherman, policeman, fireman, ping-pong instructor, cyclist, welder, drummer in a Def Leppard Tribute band, to say nothing of his endless church service. He once mowed the church lawn without anyone asking him to do so. On another occasion, he went to the church and made sure all the lights were off one evening. Again, no one asked him to do that.

Phillip's a go-getter. He's goes. Then he gets. I like that about him. A lot of people I know just wait around for you to ask them to do something. Not Phillip. Not Phillip Gully. One-armed Phil. He may have 50% fewer arms than the rest of us, but he has a determination that is 83% larger than anyone else I know.

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Anonymous said...

Phill may only have one arm, but he has muscle where it counts.