Saturday, July 14, 2007

In the Celestial Kingdom, minimum wage will be $26 an hour.

In heaven, minimum wage will be 26 dollars an hours. So, you kids just keep following the commandments because heaven is going to be awesome!


Hyrum said...

I think thats great and all that heaven is willing to pay that much, but lets be honest here, there are a few things here that dont add up.

1- the healthcare up there must be incredibly high.
2- how competitive is God's 401k program with Lucifer's?
3- do we have weekends off to go golfing?
4- is it still an 8 hour day?
5-whats the tax rate? is tithing still required since it already comes from God?

this is just a few of the questions i have for you. the rest i will write down for our next weekly interview on thursday.

Anonymous said...


This new information has me a little confused, but I know that you're a man of God and therefore you must be right about everything that you say.

Just one question, if at some point we start living the Law of Consecration up in heaven, will that mean that everyone will be making 26 dollars an hour? I think Jesus should pay the apostles more.

Brother Burton

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that amount? It just sounds a little low to me. My ex-boyfriend drives a sanatation truck for Ceder City and he makes $22.50 an hour with full benefits and he's an asshole. How is it that good people in heaven will only make $3.50 more than some looser driving a garbage truck? I'm just sayin.