Friday, July 20, 2007

Special treat - Two new seminars

As many of you know, Brother Eberhart is never one to hide his talents under a bushel. He is a nationally recognized life coach and self help speaker and has developed two new seminars specifically for an LDS audience. Before he begins his touring schedule this year, he has agreed to offer these new seminars to members of our stake for FREE! (A $2,900 value!)

The first seminar is for children, ages 3-11 and it is all about obedience. It's called, "Alrighty, Almighty! Step In Line With The Lord"

The second seminar is for the youth, ages 12-21. It is a wonderful seminar about the do's and don'ts of dating and it's called, "Warm me, don't burn--OUCH--thank goodness for repentance."

We will have all the scheduling details available at church next week.

1 comment:

Brother Burton said...

Will either of the seminars use filmstrips? I love filmstrips.

Bro. Burton